Monday, July 28, 2008


ok.. I ordered 2 batches of polishes, bout 30-40bottles per batch. The first batch was sent to a US address as my cousin is there. He's coming back 10th Aug. He told me last night that one bottle broke and it's in a shade of green. I suspect it's the OPI Green-wich something. :( Really upsetting cos I love that colour sooooooo much!

Can't blame him as his luggage is already overweight... gotta xie xie him for bringing it all the way back from US. I'm gonna pray hard that the others will arrive safe and sound.

The 2nd batch I ordered should arriving very soon. Delivery was stated between 6-10days and it's almost 10days already.

*Prays really hard that everything will arrive in perfect condition!

Lesson tomorrow again!

415am. yawns. I should cultivate the habit of sleeping earlier.

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