Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Tired tired tired tired.... ok, I'm so not used to waking up early (and 830am is considered early for me cos I'm used to sleeping at 4am) for lessons from 1030am to 530pm!!

Just need to grumble even though I know it's irrelevant to nails.

Tomorrow I'm having my 1st practical lesson on Acrylics. I know it's not easy to master all the acrylic extensions, sculpture... etc but I'll make sure I'll practise till I'm perfect!

Since I'm working from home, I can always give my full attention to my customer and ensure that their nails will be nicely done up.

Another thing, I thought of having regular nail parties (since my ex-colleagues and I will gather once in every month or so at Hilton) for those who find it incovenient to travel to Yishun. I'll plan on this further.

I can't wait to learn acrylics and gel! And I WANT TO HAVE NAILS LIKE those featured in Jap magazines!!

Oh, I painted my own nails on Tues. I thought it's kinda cute. haha. Will post tomorrow.


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