Monday, August 11, 2008

OPI - I only drink champagne + Chicago get a manicure!

I did 2 sets of nails today. One looks very champagne and I heart that colour! The other is more reddish purplish and it suits the person very much!

Click the pictures to enlarge!

OPI - Chicago get a manicure!
The picture is not really showing the actual colour. Close but not the exact shade. The colour is more like mixing purple and red together. But still, nice shade! I love all the colours with a tinge of red. Simple doggy footprints and dots as the nail art. Very cute hor? Ha.

OPI - I only drink champagne
This lady came to me with short fingernails and asked me to choose a nail colour + nail art for her. I chose this champagne colour cos it will compliment her short fingernails! You don't need to have long fingernails to have it painted! Short is nice too. Hand drawn the little black flowers to match the champagne colour. She's also a future makeup artist... thus she needs to have nice nails to hold the makeup brushes... ha ha.

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