Sunday, October 12, 2008

Unique colours!

The actual colour looks way nicer in the pic! I swear! It's more like a unique shade of purple pink, but more towards the purple tone. Painted slanted glitters on all toes.. nice hor? I like things simple and bling! Of cos with TiNS nail colour, no bling would ever go wrong! Also with pink and white crystals.

Colour - OPI Chicago get a manicure
Glitter - TiNS 008 The diamond

Super nice blue colour. You know why? Cos I have them on my toes too. Ha ha. So nice! It's really unique. Can see the rainbow colour square crystals?

So neat and nice. Always trust TiNS nail polish with the perfect glitter french finishing!

ok.. one side of the nail is shorter and the shape is slightly different from the other. No choice, I did my best to shape them. It's barely visible actually.

Somehow this looks really nice in real. Try glitters for french if you're bored with the usual white french manicure.

Colour - OPI Honeymoon Sweet
Glitter - TiNS 018 The very strawberry (very strawberry indeed!)

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