Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm just unlucky I guess?

I'm so damn unlucky. Today is supposed to be my nail extension Mock Exam. So I happily packed my stuffs.. too many to bring cos I'm supposed to do both Gel and Acrylic. Luckily I drove so I just dumped my tray, uv lamp, towel, hand rest... etc all into a huge paper bag.

Reached school at around 615pm, my teacher told me... "Cynthia, I think no one is here for the mock exam... you are the only one." I was thinking, WTF??? I came all the way here and all the others kuku bananas are not here for the mock exam? PISSED! I called up one of the girls and she told me ALL OF THEM happened to be busy and that's why they're not here. I don't belong to their class so I can't blame them for not informing me... well well.

Told my teacher, "I don't care, give me a hand, I want the mock exam! I'm not coming another time. My ERP cost $2.30 and my coupons cost $3!" So auntie la! ha ha ha.

Ok... so my teacher told me to do it on the fake hand. Inside my mind, I was actually thinking... Am I the first person to take the mock exam alone and work on the fake hand?

I was given 80mins........ and after when it was all done, I asked my teacher bout the percentage of this mock and realised that it only contributes 5% to my overall diploma! Ha ha.. A mere 5%.

Then another thing. I saw this girl using pics taken off my blog to use it as hers! WTF!?!! She took my pics of TiNS polishes and post it on her own blog to use it as a reference in colour so that her customers can see. So unethical! Didn't she know that this is not allowed? Anyway she removed after I told her about it. But in the first place......... she should have taken her own photos and not mine!

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