Sunday, October 26, 2008

OPI's You don't know Jacques!

Love this colour! It's from the France collection and I know a lot of people are crazy over this colour... Tried my very best to capture the colour in daylight. It's smoky grey brown. Very nice leh, I like!

Anyway these are my cousin's toes.
Before she did her pedi, she texted me.

Cousin: "if i want to remove my nail colour, how to take out the crystals ah?" (before this she had lots of crystals of different sizes on her big toes for a mth already)
Me: "Huh? crystals never drop?"
Cousin: "no leh, only 1 drop."
Me: "Pluck the crystals out then."
Cousin: "Pluck?? lol. ok i come and do pedi"

The thing bout crystals is that the length of time it stays on the person's nails really depends on each individual. As for my cousin, it stayed really long and well and she went on wearing covered shoes and all and only 1 crystal dropped! Not fair right! Some of us only had the crystals on for a week or so.. ok I guess it really depends.

Ok so, I got a hard time "plucking" the crystals off her toes. I had to literally scrap it off.. I'm not kidding!

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