Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chic purple glitter nails + Lovely romantic nails

Been really busy for the past week! I'll be updating my pics bit by bit... so people, please be patient! One thing that I'm extremely sad is that I don't have the time to doll up my nails. Now my nails are botak. :(

2 designs to show for now. They are all extensions. My brain is officially dead, I can't seem to think of any names. Help me with names for the nails please!!

I love this! I think it looks very lovely and romantic.

The thumbs. Good for brides too.

This is simple and subtlely sweet. And purple is so chic! What I really like here is the tiny bow on her index finger. I was working on her nails and thinking of a design for her when I suddenly thought that a tiny bow would be very nice! Then this girl wanted it on her index finger and keep the other bow simple. Brainstorming together is fun!
*Her daughter is damn cute I tell you!

See. I told you the tiny bow is really cute.

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Brooke said...

very cute! I love those little bows too