Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More Estessimo TINS nail polishes!

Showing you all my babies! Seeing them makes me happy, painting them on customer's nails makes me happier, seeing my customers happy makes me the happiest person! hehhehe.

I bought 7 new more shades, now I'm just lacking of one more colour cos the stock isn't here yet. I thought it'll be nice if I just post all the TINS colour again, a clearer and bigger view. Click to enlarge!

The white, silvers, grey and black.

The golds, champagne, antique gold.

The colourfuls.

A creamy milky white with multi coloured tiny shimmers.

A bright silver with multi coloured speckles. One of the customer's favourite as graduation glitter tips.

Super glittery silver! All silver!

Greyish black with silver glitters. One of the nicest new colour.

Black with multi coloured speckles.

This is one of the nicest gold I've ever seen. It applies smoothly and has a smooth bright holograpic effect. It's even prettier under daylight!

The gold gold. Very good for glittery gold tips!

A little bit of champagne and a little bit of gold. For those that're not too keen on gold but wanted a tint of gold, this is for you. Good for glittery tips too!

Gold with multi coloured speckles. Very nice to wear it alone.

A very sweet pink glitter!

Baby blue-ish glitter.

Green! My all time favourite colour. Too bad I'm tanned, can't wear any greens or any exotic colours.

Sexy red.

Purple glitter!


Brooke said...

Can you feel the jealousy readiating off of me??? LOL - I want these nail polishes so bad! I have tried and tried to get me some of these. The only place I found that would sell them to me wanted $12.00 a bottle, I just can't go that much! Thanks for sharing your pictures! I really like the close up shots you did so I could really see the colors.

Cynful Nails said...

I love the close up shots too. U can really see the glitters clearly!