Friday, January 16, 2009

Totally irrelevant

I thought I wanted to edit my pics and post them online but I'm seriously too lazy for that! BOO!

Anyway, did the Strawberry Love nails today! Looks very pretty. I suddenly want them to be my CNY nails. But...... can someone do for me please?

My bf flew off today. We're actually meeting tonight (friday), but somehow he got to fly off. And so, you know what he did? He came to my place at 5pm+, walked into my Cynful Nails Room (LOL, and I was doing nails), and passed me my name cards. I'm running out of them so he got them printed. Anyway we can't possibly hug and kiss while I'm doing nails right, so I said goodbye (w/o facing him) and he walked out of the room and turned back. Guess what he said??

With a cheeky grin on his face, he said, "Can you at least look at me once before I leave?"

LOL! I love him! My customer also LOL-ed.

That's all for today! Nails nails nails and more nails to do for the weekend!

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