Sunday, February 8, 2009

More on Bridal Style nails

Women like to have pretty nails, and there is one occasion that women MUST have pretty nails, that is - when they're getting married! There's a total of 3 times that you can doll up your nails when you're getting married.

1st - ROM (when you register your marriage)
2nd - Wedding photoshoot (how can we girls leave our nails bare for this?)
3rd - Your actual wedding day (customary)

I'm not wrong to say that, am I? Anyway, to pictures.

For her wedding photoshoot. She opted for something simple and sweet, with ribbons on her real nails. The nail polish used here is actually very pretty, with tiny pink shimmers in it. However, it cannot be captured.
*Did you see her bling ring? I purposely added a sparkle to enhance the rock! hehehe. Congrats girl!

(This is customer's CNY nails. She likes french and blings so I gave her this design.)
Very bridal and pretty!
French acrylic nails with light purple glitter embedded inside the acrylic. And tons of crystals along the french line. Baby pink and purple flowers too! There's another flower on the thumb, but didn't manage to get a nice pic.

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