Saturday, March 21, 2009


Went for my primary school class gathering earlier! It's funny! 9 of us turned up and we had a cosy dinner... It's really funny! After 12 yrs!

Bf came, picked me up, went chijmes and watched soccer. I'm a HUGE FAN of LIVERPOOL! It's in the family..... don't ask me why! No Liverpool match today, but we watched Fulham and Man U! The match was really exciting and it made me scream and screech! hahahhaa!


Nowadays, my mind is like filled with all kinds of nails designs.. I think I'm obsessed! How??

I'm really happy with what I'm doing now! It's my passion and I'm loving it every single day. Yes, I do get tired when I see too much of nails and all, but I don't complain anymore. I used to complain when I was working in the office, but now, no more.

Sometimes I get really nice customers, sometimes I get normal customers.. And I appreciate the thank youS and smiles that I get from you people.

Sometimes, people do take a little for granted the fact that I'm a home salon.

All I can say is, thank you for all the love you guys have shown!


And to my family members, you guys have shown great support, especially my parents! My dad made me my TV cabinet, display glass shelves, pedi leg rest, my mani table.... all customised!

Lastly to my BF, thank you for loving me and showing your support in everything I do! 4years+ going 5 and we're still very much in love.......shy.

Having my menstrual cramps.. gonna rest!

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