Monday, April 13, 2009

TiNS colors update

Some colors on my 1st batch of TiNS order that I've not posted before. Enjoy! I managed to capture them almost 99% close to their exact shades! Hope this helps you to choose your colors better!

Once again, I'm closing my order this coming Wed! Please do your transfer by Wed if you wish to confirm your order. :)

Click onto the links for more colors.

The only color that I've failed to capture it right - it's slightly darker in real life. Very unique and pretty!

Almost a twin to 018 - the very strawberry, except that the glitter is silverish. Warm medium pink tone.

Sheer glittery cream shade. It's not opaque, good for layering and you can rely on this to give any of your nail color a perfect glitter finish!

Need I say more? Pastel baby pink shade with glitter. Soft and sweet.

Pastel baby purple glitter!

This is not a chunky glitter polish. It's smooth and it's purple holographic goodness! You can see the glitters in multi color shades in different angles.

032 - the foxy lady (input the wrong color code and stupid blogger refuse to let me upload the new pic!! argh!!!)
A shade darker than 018 - the very strawberry. Darker pink glitter!

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