Wednesday, June 3, 2009

TiNS Nail Polishes - UPDATE!

Just checked with the supplier and these are the remaining colors. And they still do not know whether they will or will not be bringing in new colors/stocks. So meanwhile, for those that are interested, you can place your order. I'll be stocking up as well, cos I'm afraid that they won't be available anymore! And here's the great deal - $14 per bottle. :)

Colors available:
004/008/011/012/018/019/021/022/029/030/031(only 2 available)/036/039/045/046/053/054/058
101 to 106/110/201 to 206/208/209/212/214/302/303/304/306 to 309/311/317/323
412/502 to 506

$14 per bottle.
Mode of Collection: Self collect at Yishun / Meet up / Postage
*Postage charges to be advised.
*Orders will only be confirmed after payment has been made.

Please email me at or SMS me at 98270271 for orders.
For bulk orders (more than 12 bottles), kindly email me.

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hazel said...

hihi. super interested in the nail polish but for the pic 2... right hand bottom corner. the last few are without tags. those are which numbers?