Thursday, September 17, 2009

Black and pink nails with ribbons!

Totally forgot to post this set of nails up! Well, she is one of my fav customers! Click on her blog here. ;)

A design from Nail Max. It's her idea to add some pink lines (I know it looks slightly purple) and that totally brings out the design. Loving the cute pearl pink ribbons! The thumb also has the ribbon.

And once again, the close up! The pastel pink pearl ribbon really got to me. So girly and cute!

This is another design from Nail Max and instead of the baby pink n white stripes, customer wanted it in pink and black. I added silver to it so it doesn't look so harsh. There's also hand painted black lace along the french line.

This is also a really cute set which I like!

Someone help me do my nails please!! They are so hideous looking now.

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