Saturday, November 14, 2009

Poodle Pop!

Did a set of nails that consists of ice creams, cupcakes, candies, doughnuts and lastly her doggies, poodles! This customer of mine is really amazing cos she's got 5 poodles! 2 giant ones and 3 toy poodles. Damn cute!!

Yes, this took me quite awhile to get it done. I kept staring at it after it was done!

These are all her favourite food! Did it according to her taste preference. :)

Her cute toy poodles! From Nail Max!

And a cupcake with tons of cream which is also her favourite. :)
Referenced some of the nail art from Nail Max and the lollipop design from Clara.


nadia_aienma~ said...

you make that dog with aclyric huh ? yourself ? kyaa u're expert .. >.<

gildedangel said...

That is adorable!

mertsa said...

i love those little dogs ! i'd like to have that kind of nails too =)

Krista said...

Oh I LOOOOOVE those poodles so much! I have a toy poodle too! I must have nails like those!

Anna said...

Totally awsome!