Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thinking of selling off my 2 bags. 1 miumiu, another LV. Both bags are as good as new cos I've used them both less then 5 times. I still have the original receipt and dust bag for both bags. You can view the pics of the bags here.

Louis Vuitton Belem MM
I think this retails at about SGD2400 now? I bought it at about SGD2200. Forgot! Need to check receipt.

Miu Miu (I don't know the name of this bag, but it's full calf leather made to look like croc leather.)
I think I bought it at about SGD1900++. Forgot the exact price cos I bought it in HK.

Quote me a reasonable price if you're keen! :)

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The Pink Slip said...

I love both of them-gorgeous!! what is the US price?