Friday, December 18, 2009

White Xmas Snowflakes

Ok, I gotta admit that I really loveeee this set I did just now. Yes, my customer just left at 1230am and here I am blogging. A 2 tone glitter (white+pink glitter) gradient acrylic extension, handpainted snowflakes and decorated with tiny AB crystals. And lastly, sealed with gel top coat for the extra gloss. Love it to the max. :D

Awwww! So festive! If only I can play some christmas carols now, it'll be perfect!

Oh, and I do love how acrylic nails can be pinched and sculptured to a nice long slender nail shape. And her nail bed is really short, but the embedded glitter and snowflakes distracted it! Nice! :)
Gotta rest, I'm starting my day really early tomorrow! Night night!

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*~Roxy~* said...

I love these kinds of nail sets. Unfortunately in the USA where I live, it is almost impossible to find people who do such wonderful jobs! T_T Keep up the great work!