Friday, January 15, 2010

Gel nails - Little gremlins and pink

For those who follow my twitter, you would already have seen the little gremlins I posted on twitter. Well, this is the reason why I have to pre make the little devils.

Yes, she requested for the gremlins cos she saw them in Nail Max. A pinky glitter base and some dark pink disco ball flakes makes it more interesting.

Did them from scratch using acrylic powder. The face, nose, eyes, ears, tail.. then painted them.. :D Cute or not!!! They look very naughty! hahahahhaa. In the process of making these rascals, my mum came into the room and asked what I was doing. I told her, "making monsters".

!!!! Love it to the max! The ears, tail, eyes...

Then this is her mum's set of nails. Similar to hers, but tiny silver flakes instead of the pink ones.

I'm not exactly a pink person, but I love creating pink nails. They look so demure and sweet lah!

Both sets are gel extension.


Kae said...

Wow! Those critters are soooo adorable! You are so talented :)

Doo said...

Love those manicures! Especially mother's!

L said...

The gremlins are too cute!

Cynful Nails said...

Thanks babes!! :D