Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kawaii nails ♥

Round nails galore!!!

OMG. I am so in ♥ with round nails these days, or rather obsessed. Hahaha! Don't get me wrong, I still think square nails are pretty but round nails are just my type of nails now. Shit, must be the influence of Nail Max and Nail Venus.

Anyway! 3 sets of gel nails. Totally them, no color chipping, super glossy and durable. Did lots of gel nails lately.

Oh and for the first time, I'm posting all nails without crystals.

1st up. Pastel leopard prints! My first time doing gel leopard prints. It's usually hand painted on, but this time round, gel colors!

Design from Nail Max. Did slight modification to it. Tiny round green disco balls lined one by one and is embedded within the gel.

I am melting. I want this design on my nails!

2nd! Pink round tips with black n white polka dots!

The kawaii-ness! ♥!

baby pink, polka dots, candy bows.

3rd! Black with white and pink polka dots!

Silver french line instead of the disco balls!


Lily nail said...

this manicure is too sweet :)
i love :)

Prettyfulz said...

very very very cute