Monday, March 29, 2010

Big hearts, pink bows.

Ok, blogger is mad. These 3 photos are the only ones I managed to upload after trying for 834782364732 times. Nvm, at least I still have a set of nails to share!

Pink glitter gel nails!

A design I came up with for someone who likes pink and bling bling stuffs. This is really sweet isn't it? :D

The huge crystals are mad bling in real life! And the glitter pink base sparkles as well. Really nice and attention grabbing!

And her thumbs. Huge blings and pink roses.


Jessie Burkhardt said...

You should compete in our nail art competition:

Jessie Burkhardt
Director of Marketing & Communications for NSI

kelliegonzo said...

these are sooo beautiful! man i know where my inspiration will come from when it comes to doing my nails for my wedding ;)