Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bridal nails - sweet and girly!

Ok so I had an appt last week with these 3 girls and they are triplets! So kawaii! Next time I also want to give birth to twins or triplets or more!

The eldest sis's nails. And she's also the bride. I started working on her nails with absolutely no idea on the nail design. Then slowly, she started telling me on her preference n her gown design.. so this is the final product! :D Cute bows, pearls, blings, strings of silver beads.

Clear glitter pink base. Lovely!

And her favourite thumbs.


♥-Qamarel-♥ said...

Lovely nails! :)

Chynna Harris said...

I'm planning on getting my nails done with this sort of idea (with 3D objects, etc) for prom and I was wondering where do you get those little bows and what not?

Chynna Harris said...

where do you get all those 3D little objects to put on the nails? Ive been wanting to get some for prom.