Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More bridal nails...

2 sets of bridal nails with flowers and crystals. One of gel, another acrylic.

The most common question would always be: Which is better? Gel or acrylic? My answer: Both are equally good, except that they are of different texture and the method of extending them is slightly different. Variety of colours are also different. And all these explain why I would always advise which is more suitable only after you have chosen your nail design. Ultimately, my job is to make your nails last as long as possible with minimal or without colour chipping, crystals dropping etc. :)

Champagne glitter gel and white flowers with a tinge of yellow.

You can't really see the champagne glitter in the picture but it does sparkle like mad in real, and thus making this set of nails really pretty and bridal!

Clear pink glitter acrylic nails with simple flowers and tons of blings of different sizes. This set looks really sweet and glittery in real cos of the clear pink glitter base.

I hope you girls can see the pink glitter more clearly here. :)


Lily nail said...

so cute !! i love it :)

fierce nails and beauty said...

You are really very talented.
I love looking at your designs

fierce nails and beauty said...

You are really talented.
Love your designs.