Friday, April 9, 2010

Pink acrylic nails.

First I must apologise to this lovely lady cos I took forever to send her her nail pics! Sorry girl! There you go!

She did her first set of acrylic nails with me during Jan and have since infilled twice. I didn't take pics of her first set of nails cos it was pretty simple. Pink glitter with crystals. Her first infill, she decided that she wanted bows and this is what I designed for her.

Her pink glitter remains. Added crystals along the french line cos her nails have grown and a few pink bows upon her request. :)

A design suitable for first timers and those who love pink and bows.

Her second infill. She came back 1 month later, nails grown. So... it's near impossible to keep her pink glitter cos nails are filed down n trimmed to a shorter length.

A design she chose from my archives. Painted pink and white stripes, silver lines to enhance the design. To complete the look, I finished it off with some roses and crystals.

Lovely eh? And totally can't tell that it's been infilled. Twice.

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e.motion in motion said...

Ohh, so cute! I am in LOVE with all your work <3 ^__^ I wish I could get my nails done like that here! :(