Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lotsa gel nails!

Sorry for the lack of updates my dear girls! Was away for 5 days last week and I've been packed with appts since my return. Anyway, gel nails pics for now.

Red french with black diamonds.
Gel overlay on natural nails. French design looks nicer on long nail beds. :)

Red + black. My favourite!

Spring/Summer 2010 design! Floral prints are love! I'm addicted to light denims and florals these days. hehe.
Gel extension. Florals are hand painted.

Purple nails. Glitter sprinkles and crystals along the french line. Lines are drawn using white gel. Gel extension.

Dual tone purple glitter gradation. Supa glossy!
I'm loving the mini twin hearts on her middle fingers and thumbs!

Gel overlay on her natural nails.
Next post will be on bridal nails! ;D


c.lette said...

well im a very known person fo rseeing and want to try new techniques
an d ur gel designs are awesome!

Anonymous said...

These are amazing!