Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gel Marbellising Art

I love doing marble gel nail art, playing around with colors, mixing them, and seeing the final art work makes me a happy girl. :D

Marbelling with pastel pink, green and white shades. Stardust glitter added!
This is gel overlay on natural nails.

Bright shades of green and blue. They look like precious stones.

Pretty eh? I love this so much! Something unique.
Gel sculpture extension.

Peacock Marbellising. Two shades of pink used. If you noticed, the marble art is inverted on alternate nails! ;)
Gel overlay on natural nails.

Omg. This is really lovely and sweet.


joven said...

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Anonymous said...

I love the marbled look!

Kitty chan Krazy =(^ - ^)= said...

I love these!!! i cannot wait to get my hands on some beautiful Gel colors!!!

I am going to do great designs like this!


you have a faithful blog reader I make sure i always check to see if you posted anything new!