Friday, June 18, 2010

of pink and ribbons..

Did both sets for brides to be who love ribbons and pink. :D

Baby pink ribbons on pink gel tips. This is gel overlay on her natural nails. Quite long eh? *envy*

Sweeeeet and love!

A fairly short set of nail extension cos her nail bed is not very long. Well, the most important thing is it still looks pretty on her!

Mini white ribbons and crystals added on to the pink glitter base!


♥ Hair Care Diaries ♥ said...

I so wish you lived in my city. You would be my personal naildresser. lol

tasha~ said...

Adorable! It makes me think of a wedding cake ;)

Viivi said...

i like your blog, i dont speaks english.
you make really great nails. i like! :)
look at me blog!