Monday, July 19, 2010


Happiness can take many forms. For us at MetroCakes, the physical form of happiness is that of a cake–the contentment of biting into a well-made slice; or the thoughtfulness that comes with receiving one.
Ok, people. Entrepreneurship is really not easy and my brother and his friends just got Metrocakes started! Show some love and support! :)

Basically, I think I've tried almost all the flavors there and my favourite would be their signature dark chocolate fudge cake (Dark Knight)! Well, I'm no gourmet when it comes to food or wine or cakes but I do like that the chocolate is thick and rich and not too sweet!

And... Metrocakes just made shopping for a cake really easy! Your cake is only a click away. Prices, sizes, pictures - All there to make things easy and convenient for the busy people, or rather the lazy ones. HAHA. They deliver islandwide and it's free if you order a signature cake or a minimum order of $40 for mini cakes! WOOOO! I love the word - FREE. hehehhe.
Click HERE for their ordering info.

More pictures are on their website and Facebook page.
Faster go and order a cake now!!!

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