Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bridal gel nails!

These are some of the bridal nails done over the past few weeks. And yes, it's the wedding season again!

This is one set that I really love. It's done using a mixture of star dust and pink glitter *super glittery I swear* and with all the puffy white flowers... how can you not like them??? ;D

*glowing pink glitter*

Pretty eh?

I've done this design before and now this is a shorter version and it's a gel overlay set. The classic french twist!

Still looking pretty!

Sugar pink glitter tips with crystals and flower design on the ring finger and thumb.

Light pink glitter french tips with crystals and simple petal flowers. And I love her nails! Super long nail bed! *mad envy*

It's simple and pretty~

Classic french nails with crystal design. Oh yes and I guess I'd have a hard time digging the crystals out when my customer returns cos the crystals hardly drop. Yes, even after a month. ;)

The closeup with no 'special bling effect' added.


Kayleigh said...

Very Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love all the mani's you do!