Monday, October 3, 2011

Gel/acrylic nails updates!

Colourful leopard prints and bright pink mini bows!

French nails with simple embossed flowers and crystals.

Lace of different colour and design used for this set of nails.

Chanel inspired design! Painted the quilted design over a nice pinky nude colour. Added a small black flower for the girly look.

Simple gel design with a hand painted ribbon.



Hand painted the floral and lace, and a huge hand folded floral ribbon.

Combination of light pink and silvery grey. Nice!


Fanny said...

Lovely nail arts cute

rock-or-not said...

I love all as always!!
So beautiful!!

Nana said...

Rillakuma is so cute! I love it!

AcetoneAddicted said...

Dude. I love you and your nails. 3D:s are amazing. Do u use gel or acrylics on the 3D's?

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Baby doll from Finland

Katarzyna Piekutowska said...

wow, your nails are amazing! So colorful. Love it!
greetings from Poland!

Kiwi said...

Really like the leopard nails!

Kellie M said...

Do you have any tutorials? I would love to see how you do some of your lovely manis. Thanks for posting.