Monday, December 26, 2011

CNY bookings and phone number UPDATE!

Hi Girls,

Please kindly update my mobile number to 96877847 with effect from today. Please SMS/CALL this number for all nail appointment bookings. I will no longer be using my old phone number.

Please do take note that there will be a CNY surcharge of $10 from 12th to 21st Jan 2012. For all CNY bookings, please kindly whatsapp or sms me what kind of nail service (extension or overlay) and please come with clean nails (no gel/acrylic/nail polish/gelish). You may also send me your natural nail pic and I can advise you accordingly if you're not too sure.

For CNY bookings, all the evening and weekend slots are taken. Please text me if you're okay with weekday noon slots cos priority is given to my regular customers. Thank you for the understanding. :)

Thank you!
Cynful Nails


Unknown said...

Where are you located?

tiaolou004 said...

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