Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nail Polishes IN!

Super happy! I received my batch of polishes this afternoon. Opened up the parcel and checked. Everything intact! No damages, nothing. It makes me super happy.. just to see the colours.

Here are the pictures:

My range of colours for now.. There will be more coming in on 1oth August and that will complete my collection of more than 70 bottles. :)

OPI colours part 1. Everyone's favourite. I'm too lazy to type out the names. I think my camera captured the colours pretty well.

OPI colours part 2. pink, shimmer, gold, champagne, silver... all the happy and wedding colours.

OPI colours part 3. I love RED! Different shades.

OPI colours part 4. I wanted to buy both of these colours when I was browsing. I found this set, it also comes with a free pink pouch. Strawberry Margarita looks very edible. Ha ha.

OPI colours part 5. Sheer colours. Makes nails healthy looking.

ORLY colours part 1. Most people would actually know OPI more than ORLY, right? But in my opinion or rather if you've used their polishes before, they're as good as OPI. Some colours here are from their wedding series.

ORLY colours part 2.
Ok, these are all the colours for now. Call CYNTHIA at 98270271 for an appointment now! :)

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