Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Simple blings and acrylic flowers for a ROM

3 girls came and had their manicure and pedicure done. 1 of them is getting married and the other 2 are her jie meis. They're very nice people, love chatting and doing their nails! And they basically wanted their nails to be in the same shade and similar design to the bride's. So sweet!

The happy bride's ROM nails.

Close up on her thumbs.

Her friend's feet. She wanted the flower to be the same as the bride. :)

Another friend's hand.

Love her fingernails and hands! The typical model look alike hands.


Brooke said...

Those roses look so shiney! How long did it take for you to get the technique down on making acrylic flowers when you were first learning?

Katee "e-polishblog" said...

She should be a hand model!! And I love those little flowers.

Sasha said...

Your work is gorgeous!

Cynful Nails said...

Hello Brooke! The roses look shiney cos top coat is applied onto it. Otherwise they would have look matt cos acrylics are matt.

hmm, basically after the first lesson when I was taught how to use the brush to pick a acrylic ball, I was able to try out the flowers. Small brushes are used to make the acrylic flowers and the more you practise, the better it gets. :)

Cynful Nails said...

Thank you girls! I agree that she should be a hand model. Her hand is too pretty for words.