Sunday, March 29, 2009

Checkereds - HOT!

Ooooo! Hot hot checkered nails! Chose this design from nailmax and modified it till it doesn't look like the chosen design anymore! Hehehe. Almost died doing the fine lines and all but this beauty is all worth it! Love you babe - for trusting your nails to me and being so chatty and nice!

Looks slightly punk/gothic/casino-ish/schoolgirl...etc!
You know, I was having doubts bout how design would turn out while I was painting it... cos it started off looking like an indonesia flag, then table cloth (I'm not kidding cos she thought so too! haha), then... bit by bit.. they turn out really pretty!

Her idea of adding black bows to complete the whole look.
Am loving this and every moment of creating it! :)

Extension & Nailart - about SGD185

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sissyann said...

Love the nails!!! I was just googleing nail designs so I can get my nails done next week. Wish you lives my way. These are fantastic.