Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Estessimo TiNS Nail Polish

You know what? I haven't been shopping and buying things for a while - except nail stuff.

So I'm gonna satisfy my shopping urge and buy more TiNS! hahahahha.

For those interested in getting TiNS, please email/sms/call me for your orders! Will be placing my order on Friday so... if you wish to ride on my order, please let me know early!

1 bottle - SGD16
5 or more bottles SGD15

Currently these are the ones that are out of stock.
001/002/006/009/014/015/020/025/033/037/038/044/047/048/054/056/057/060/061/401/404/501/314//315/316/107/108/207/215 064-074 currently unavailable.

*Payment must be made first to confirm your order.

To view their colors, please click on my link on "TiNS Nail Polishes" under LABELS on the left of my page. Otherwise, click on their web. http://www.takarabelmont.co.jp/nail/tins-color-top.html?linkid=list

Gonna go for lunch and my appt at 3pm.


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