Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More more more.... cny nails! Part 1

Gel nails first!

1st set. Kimono inspired nails!
Nail design from Feb 10 issue of Nail Max. Modified the color!
The white and blue part is done using gel colors. That's what I love about gel, no need to worry about color chipping! Unlike nail polish. hehehe.

The colors are so HER! That is, if you girls know who she is. :D

The most unique set of nails I've done so far. No crystals used, yet so eye catching!

2nd set. The ever so popular minnie mouse nails! Ok la, I know you all have seen this design soooo many times, but this is too cute not to post it again. HAHAHA!

The pink candy bows are almost edible. Yums.

See! I told you it's too cute already. I ♥ it.

3rd set. Valentine hearts n tons of blings! The pink and silver acrylic hearts are pre-made and then pasted onto the nails. Secured with lots of glue n gel top coat. :)

Enough said on the blingness and the ♥s.

Valentine's day and CNY nails. All combined.

1 comment:

Yaowapa said...

I looove the Valentine set of nails. Your are so talented. I have even considered to make a trip to Singapore just to visit you. However that might be to expensive to spend on nails (even though in my heart I know it would have been worth it hihihi)

If you ever visit Stockholm Sweden, please let us readers now.

Best wishes,

Yaowapa Sathianbun