Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My very own set of CNY nails ♥

Sorry girls! I haven't been blogging and updating my blog! Neglected it for 2 weeks. Here I am, blogging again! I have loads of nail pics to share. :D

Almost everyone who came for appts asked whether I'll be doing my own nails for CNY. My answer to them: I really don't know whether I'll have the time and energy especially since I fell sick(yes I caught the flu bug, sore throat n fever on mon evening 8th feb) and all my appts are back to back up till CNY eve, 13th feb. Anyway, I survived!! And decided to do my own nails. Hehehee. Finished them up at 2am on CNY eve.

Nice or not?!?!! It's a yellow glitter acrylic sculpture extension with hand painted leopard prints. Ready made red roses and lots of huge blings. The bling on my thumb is humongous. Hehehe. This is super matchy matchy with my black Christian Audigier top. :D


- said...

awesome :o youre great

The Real Housewife of Cook County said...

You are one of the best nail techs that I have ever seen. I need to bring this style to the States. It's not as popular as it should be here in Chicago!