Monday, April 26, 2010

Hand made ribbons

Hand made ribbons in baby pink glitter. I love it. 


Sonne said...

Wow! Very pretty nails. :]

Brooke said...

awww :) so cute!!

c.lette said...

this is so pretty i like them alot. but i could never where real ribbons only painted and acrylic for me. lol i mean i love them but i do to much with my hands to where real bows.

very irresistible said...

hi :) i just found a link to your blog and i checked out all your pictures and i just have to say: i totally love love love your work!!! all the nails are so damn beautiful. i'd like to get my nails done by you but unfortunately i'm not living in your area ^^

keep at it!

mrsjohn said...

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