Monday, April 26, 2010

More gel nails...

I've been doing lots and lots of gel nails lately. It's the trend now I guess? 

Pink tips and crystals and ready made roses. This shade of pink gel color is my most popular pink! 

This is not overly sweet. I like!
Gel overlay on her natural nails. A proper overlay must not be too thin or too thick, and of cos the structure and surface of the gel nail must not be bumpy. It took me some time to understand the importance of this, and also how to create a smooth surface gel nail cos gel is not easy to control. This is also a reason why I feel that going to a nail school is important. Check out my school, Pink Room, if you're keen to learn.

Summer colors. Crushed shells inlay.

Blue, green and yellow crushed shells. Refreshing!


c.lette said...

these are very gorgeuos. question: do the rhinestones and flowers stay on for a long time without popping off?

Saori said...

Incredible !!!!!!! so fabulous and amazing, I am impressed !!