Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Welcoming spring/summer with floral designs.

Finally got a little time on my hands today to resize photos and upload them. Since the weather is getting warm these days, cool yourself down with some floral nails~ It makes people happy just by looking at them.

It's nice to see a little blue instead of the usual sweet pink stuff. :D Outlined the pink ribbons with silver glitter, just like what I did to the bridal pink flowers.

Pastel yellow with peach orange hand painted roses. I like this color combination.

Hand painted the scallop lace along the french line. <3 I have one girl who loves this design so much that she came back a month later (usually to change a design)to repeat the same design. Hehe.

Now the sweet and girly stuff.

A simple set with purple and pink.

The lace makes it look so demure and girly.


Anita said...

Love all of these, the little roses are so sweet.

rock-or-not said...

I love all!
Escpecially the first one!

Shan (Gimme That!) said...

Gosh these are gorg!!!

omgnoodles said...

I'm loving all the florals!

ida said...

so pretty! i love all of them♥ :)

Sakky ♡ said...

your nails are just pure awesome! I wished I lived there so i could get my nails done by you~ <3