Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bridal nails!

Sorrrrryyyy for the lack of updates! I still do some updates on my Facebook page cos it's easier for me to upload pics directly from my Iphone. Anyway! Lots of bridal nails I did recently and more to come.

For people who follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you should know that I've added Gelish (gel polish). I use them both for gel and acrylic nails and now you have 60+ more colours to choose! The pictures below consist of both gel/acrylic nails. Some colours are done using gelish. Prices remain the same, gel overlay starts from $50 and extension starts from $100. ;)

Interlace designs and simple flowers.


A little bit of black lace and purple roses for a garden wedding. ;D

This is super bling in real life! Everything blue and clear, with a dangling crystal charm and a huge solitaire ring art on the ring finger. Hehe.

Light pink glitter nails with crystal bows. This is not a set of bridal nails but I thought some brides would love this if they want it simple.

The french style nails with glitz and sweet cream bows.


rock-or-not said...

I always love these NA!!
So cool

Anonymous said...

So beautiful!

Tanith said...

Hello !! I love all your design !! could you tell us if you lace is painted or stamped? I love the black one ^^ If it's a plate could you tell what trade mark and what number of plate please?