Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pretty gel nails galore!

Nail designs done using gel colours. :)

Just did this design today and posted it on Facebook. This is a design we all love and cannot get enough of it!

Bold colours for summer and some cute nail art to go with the fun base. ;D

Simple heart shaped french nails with hot pink lining.

A very nice shade of nude brown colour with lace designs and crystals. Very pretty!

Fuschia pink and grey details drawn using gel colours. Love it~

Disco ball nails!

This young lady went to the US Disneyland with this set of nails and received many compliments! :D Loving Mickey's mittens~

Quilted french tips and crystals! Looks very elegant in real life.

Of sweet pink and mini bows!

A classic set of silver gel nails and some blossoms to accompany.


rock-or-not said...

They're so great!!
I love all of your manis!


LOVE all creative.. :)
following you on twitter.. said...

Great nails and blog!!!

Charing Ang said...

Beautiful =)