Saturday, June 25, 2011

Acrylic extension with gelish colors.

Nails shown here are extended using acrylic first, then painted on with gelish colors. The reason why some people or rather I myself prefer acrylic extension is that acrylic nails can be moulded and 'pinched' to achieve a very nice 'C-curve'. And why gelish colours are used instead of nail polish is that gel colours dries to the touch the very minute it's done and it's definitely more lasting.

Painted the french design using gelish. Added a pink hand folded ribbon on her ring finger.

A lovely design done using soft shades of pink, white and black. This lady here wanted this design to match her new Samantha bag. ;)

Love it~

Nails for a stewardess. That explains the gold disco balls instead of gold studs. But it's ok! The gold disco balls are equally shiny. ;D


SeeingSunshine said...

All of these designs are so pretty!

rock-or-not said...

you always have so cute manis!!
I love them!

TzeYien89 said...

love your work! xxx

Rachel said...

Can you tell me which gelish colors you used in those photos? I've neen looking for a classic light pink to use, like CND Shellac's "Romantique".

It's really hard to tell what the gelish colors really look like from the color swatches/bottles. Thanks!

Unknown said...

How do you do the bows?