Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bridal nails - gel and acrylic.

Some bridal nails I did recently...

This is marbelling with gel colours. Kinda simple but I love the colour combination.

Acrylic extension with gel colours. Peach pink tips with painted roses and lace.

Gel nails. Simple french nails with painted black ribbons (inspired by Clara) and a full bling ring finger.

Gel nails. A clean set of nails for her wedding photoshoot.

Acrylic extension with gel colours. Loving the lace design here. Very pretty!

All the lace, crystals and flowers but definitely not over the top. :D

Clear acrylic extension. Painted the lace details on the tips.

Acrylic extension with gel colours. The white and dusty pink colour combi looks very country style.

Acrylic extension with silver glitter tips. White embossed flowers and crystals make it look very bridal!

Acrylic extension with gel colour. Simple with painted roses, pearls and crystals!

Gel nails. Classic french lace and red roses painted on white tips. Nice.


Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

I love these, they're all so pretty :-)

Susanna said...

OMG, love your blog <3

Iris said...

Beautiful design i'm now a follower from you're blog

I hoop you visit my blog:


Cristina - PeeBeforePolish said...

You're really an artist! I love these manicures!

Kiwi said...

These designs are super pretty!
If I had any of these nails, I'd be too busy staring at my nails to focus on other things lol