Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fun colours~

More fun designs created using gel colours! :D

Quilted french tips! Dotted embossed flowers done on pink with black dots base. This just shows that the black and pink combination will never go wrong. :D

Candy colours! Hot pink and baby pink stripes with silver linings. Added ribbons for the extra sweetness! Been wanting to do this in bright blue and white. Anyone?

Now this is something very summer! I think it looks a little 'beach theme' don't you think? If you look closely, I've mixed in some white to the light blue and the 3 tone (pink, orange, pink) colour, adding some texture to the colours. Love it! The 3 tone nail design looks like sunset to me. :)

Nothing new, just a new black lace design and in hot pink and black instead of pastel pink. This is a very popular design. Hehe.

Neon colours with zebra prints! Zebra embossed hearts with lots of crystals as well. Only for the adventurous! :D

Simple design with colours that look like paddle pop colours. Childhood ice cream. SLURP~


Nana said...

Your nails are really cute ^^ How do you think of them?

rock-or-not said...

This is freaking amazing!!
I love tham all!

MARIA said...

Dropping by to let you know I tagged you in the 'Top 10' blog award :) Please check my blog for all the information!

iclick media said...

Fun colors, so chicks. so amazing. and one of a kind :)

nail extension

Kellie M said...

I love this one!!