Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Don't stop loving me!!! I promise to blog more often!! :>

Anyway, some sets of nails I did few months back, some bridal and some just wanted simple nail art.

Marble nail tips with lace and gold glitter and crystals.

A classic set of bridal nails with simple petal flowers.

Peach colored tips with white dots and a hand painted white bow using gel.

Did this on a bride for her photoshoot. Painted checks on baby pink tips and added the embossed flowers, crystals and pearls. Lovely.

Wedding nails. Marble designs with 3 different colours and pink glitter for the rest of the nails.


rock-or-not said...

They're all awesome!!!
I love your manis!

misaya said...

I love last one!.. they are all beautifull <3

Ivy Veronique Lim said...

Hi how much do you charge for gel extension +gradations? Thanks.

Email me:

Thank you!